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Pickleball is similar to other racket games like tennis. Just that the court is smaller here and so is the paddle. People of different age groups can play this game indoors and outdoors as it doesn’t require a larger space to run or move about. Thereby there is less exhaustion caused to the players.

You have to have the right paddle to play the game efficiently. The pickleball paddle is not like other stringed tennis rackets. A pickleball paddle has a flat surface. The paddle needs to selected based on its weight, the player’s playing style, the grip of the handle depending on the size of the hand, and also on how much it lets you control the ball and how much power it can provide to deliver powerful shots.


A well known and most preferred brand based in the USA which manufacturers pickleball paddles is Engage. You will find beginners to seasoned players using paddles of this brand.

Engage focuses on the workmanship and quality when making every paddle. They have proper procedures and quality controls in place. Hence they are able to produce paddles that are technologically advanced that come along with a good warranty and guarantee excellent customer service.

The designing process involves thorough and rigorous testing. This helps ensure that the paddle being designed will be durable, survive the powerful shots and serve long term. All the paddles manufactured by Engage comply with USAPA strict guidelines. They are approved and listed for tournament plays that are sanctioned.

This brand helps this sport to grow apart from focusing on the quality of the paddles manufactured. They organize tournaments and also give away 5% of the revenues earned to local schools to encourage students to play this game. Apart from this they also donate pickleball paddles to many local communities. Everything is done at their own factory, right from designing to the final production. Each and every paddle made by them are manufactured in the United States. You can check our Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle Review. 


The composite paddle was a revolution in the pickleball industry. It was a new innovation that made a difference to the pickleball sport.

Though the company name was different before, their commitment to producing new products using the best materials has not changed. They have remained true to their promise. The goals are very clear at PROLITE.

The paddles manufactured are keeping in mind the different types of players that will use them. Only the best materials are used to make these and they come along with a great warranty. Their customer service is remarkable. This brand always works towards thinking and being different than their competitors. They have a unique identity which shows in the look and feel of their products.

PROLITE are genuine ambassadors of the pickleball sport. They give back to the community in different ways. At all levels, this sport is taught through various clinics that are free. They also sponsor most of the grassroots clubs in the USA. Many state and small regional tournaments are backed by them, and they donate gears to various veteran programs, schools, and other good causes. Apart from all this they also help in growing this sport internationally.


Onix Sports, Inc specializes in making pickleball equipment. Onix unlike other paddle manufacturing companies only manufacturer’s pickleball paddles, balls, and nets. It does not focus on producing other racket game equipment.

Their paddles are used all throughout the country by professional players. Onix continuously keeps advancing its paddle design and technology to provide the highest level of gear in the pickleball market. Two of their most known paddle cores that are patent-pending are Fusion and Ribtec.

This brand’s gear is used and promoted by most of the professional players of pickleball. You will find their paddles being used at national tournaments and at pickleball courts in different parts of the USA. This confirms that they are preferred by the topmost players as they trust their paddles.

The Onix team includes has many best pickleball players like Byron Freso, Erik Gertler, Marcus Luke, Roxanne Pierce, Madon Ford, and Suzee Anderson to name among the few. These all use the Onix paddles which are supposed to be the best in the market. One of their paddles that have been their number one best seller since a while now is the Onix Z5. Its Z logo is easily noticeable on the court.


ARD stands for Advanced Recreation Design.  It provides inspirational and innovative recreation equipment year after year. They have spent around 42 months in designing and producing these kinds of pickleball paddles. Their one and only goal have been to make a paddle of the finest quality that can help the players play with ease. They have spared no expense to provide the players with a paddle with the best finishing and that uses the best quality of materials and adhesives, and innovative design.

ARD cannot guarantee that all players using their manufactured paddles will definitely win. However, they do guarantee that in case of a defeat or failure, it will never be because of the paddles made by them.  It truly believes that one must have fun while playing this game.


A quality brand that the manufacturer’s graphite paddles are Amarey.  The face of the paddle is made of graphite. This guarantees durability and strength. Its performance is guaranteed by its excellent ergonomic design. This brand focuses on the handles of the paddles a lot. It knows that the grip has to be perfect to let the player play effectively and for a longer period. Their paddles offer a grip that is firm ensuring the delivery of powerful shots.

The edge has a protective guard which saves the paddle from being damaged or worn out. The design helps players make accurate shots most of the time. Thus beating and shocking their opponents every time. It is lightweight and easy to use. The inner core has a honeycomb design that provides more strength to the paddle. Increased strength is also offered by the fiberglass sheets that are durable. It is one of the finest paddles in the world and is perfect for intermediate players and beginners. This type of paddle provides excellent control and touch.


Pickleball game is affordable and easy. That is one of the reasons why many people play it. Apart from that, they love playing it as pickleball is a very welcoming and social game. The game does not demand much of physical strain, unlike lawn tennis. Hence this game is a favorite among the seniors. And it still helps in remaining active despite less physical demand. But please note that Pickleball is not a leisure sport. Nor is it only for retired people. This sport is growing quickly across all demographics and regions.

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