Best Pickleball Bags 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide

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Pickleball is growing in popularity across the globe. It is a game for all age groups and any gender. It is interesting and simple and you can choose to play at your own pace. 

The playing gears like your favourite pickleball paddles, balls, pickleball net, etc. are not very expensive. Once you buy these essential pickleball game accessories the next step is to look for a nice bag to carry your sports gear.  

You may also like to include your sports clothing, towel, shoes, etc. and carry these to the pickleball courts.

Types of Pickleball Bags

There is a mind-boggling range of pickleball bags which include sling bags, duffel bags, backpacks, and tote bags.  

All these come in several styles, sizes, functions, and options as well as a wide variety of color combinations. First, here is a low-down on the different types of bags that you will come across. 

There are 4 main types of pickleball bags – Sling bags, Backpacks, Duffel bags, and Tote bags. 

Each of these is different in shape and size and have their characteristics. Let us get to know all these types of pickleball bags.

Pickleball Sling Bags

Sling bags are generally tear-shaped. They are light, portable and functional. 

These bags do not have separate compartments on the inside, but there are separate pockets on the outside to keep your small personal items like phones and keys. There is a mesh type pocket for keeping water bottle or beverages,

They typically have a single cinch or double cinch straps, with which you can sling it over your shoulders. 

Good slang bags may come with shoulder straps, which are often padded for carrying comfort. 

Sling bags are very popular, economical and help you sling the bag on your shoulder and reach the venue to play.

Pickleball Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are those most popularly used by tennis players. It is quite large and can carry towels, dress, and shoes, besides your pickleball gear comprising of 4 paddles, 6 balls or more. 

There are several pockets on the inside for keeping your phone, keys, sunglasses, etc safely. These pockets may be padded for extra safety of items. The pockets on the outside are used to store water bottle and balls.

Duffel bags are durable and best for long-term use. They have a good carrying capacity to put everything you need to play pickleball, in one convenient package. 

Some even have a separate compartment for putting shoes. They have two short handle straps for carrying and a padded shoulder strap if you wish to carry it on your sides. 

These are the most recommended type of bags.

Pickleball Backpack

Backpacks have almost the same capacity as duffel bags. They are easy to carry and have two shoulder straps to carry it on your back. 

The shoulder straps are most often padded for comfort. These backpacks are similar to school bags or laptop bags in appearance. 

Backpacks are more organized and it is easy and convenient to put the paddles inside or take them out.

There are compartments inside the bags and several zipped pockets on the outside. These pockets can be used for placing the water bottle and your personal items separately and securely. 

They have enough space inside to keep your dress, shoes, towels and anything you may require during the game. Backpacks compete with Duffel bags in space and convenience, yet are more comfortable to carry leaving your hands free.

Pickleball Tote Bags

Tote bags can be considered as smaller cousins of sling bags. These are smaller and lighter with no frills. 

These are also quite economically priced. Colorful and easy to carry, these bags are a favorite among female players. 

If you carry less baggage and just your pickleball gear, then tote bags provide the best option.

There is a main compartment to hold paddles and balls, and several pockets on the outside. 

Some tote bags have only handles to carry, whereas others also offer optional shoulder straps.

Pickleball Paddle Covers and Carry Cases

Paddle Covers are generally made of Neoprene. Paddle covers just protect the face of the paddles from scratches, dirt, and other hazards. 

These are zipped halfway or more, and you can put the paddle inside and secure with the zipper while keeping the handle sticking out.

Paddle Carry Cases are generally made of nylon. These are like paddle covers, except that they are larger. 

Unlike paddle covers, they cover or encase the whole paddle. These are completely zipped and have a small strap of a handle with which you can carry it easily.

Best Pickleball Sling Bags 2019

1. Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag (Top Pick)

The USP of this Pickleball-X Elite Sling Bag is that it has been the official pickleball bag of the U. S. Open Pickleball Championships. This makes it an undisputed bag used by the pros. Here is a list of features.


  • The bag has a large storage and is designed to hold up to 6 pickleball paddles, 6 pickle balls, and other accessories.
  • It has large pockets specially designed to hold everything you need. It has inverted weather-resistant zippers to keep the contents inside secure.
  • There are special pockets to carry other accessories; like a felt-lined dual-padded pocket to hold your cell phones and car keys, sunglasses, ID and Driving License,  as well as a water bottle.
  • The largest pocket also has a sturdy built-in fence hook with which you can hang the bag on the fence or at a convenient spot.
  • An adjustable shoulder strap helps reduce the shoulder pain and strain of carrying the bag.


  • Large capacity to hold 6 paddles and 6 balls
  • Convenient pouches to hold everything from a cell phone, car keys to a water bottle.
  • Roomy without being bulky
  • Comfortable shoulder strap which is lightweight and breathable for carrying comfort
  • Comes in several pleasing color combinations such as black/green, gray, gray/pink, etc


  • The bottle holder is much too small

2. Wolfe Professional Pickleball Sling Bag (Alternative Top Pick)

This is a well-designed professional pickleball sling bag. It is fully padded to protect the contents and make it comfortable to carry around. It is a unisex bag which can be used by women and men. It has zipper pockets with headphone anti-theft wire. It comes in Black color only.


  • High-end bag with spacious interiors
  • Exterior mesh pockets to hold a full-sized water bottle.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Padded and comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Earphone access channel on the top of the bag to connect your earphones.
  • Small front pockets are zippered and there are internal pockets too.


  • Padded Strap for carrying comfort
  • Smaller zipped pockets are convenient to keep phone, keys, wallet, etc.
  • Made from durable canvas-like material
  • Good size and good build quality


  • Its smaller dimension of 20″ x 12″ x 6″ makes it difficult to put the paddles in or take them out.
  • Can’t be placed straight on the floor as the bottom is not flat
  • There is not much padding on the bottom
  • Internal pockets are not zippered
  • The zippers are not very reliable

3. Game On Sling Pickleball Bag (Affordable Sling bag)

The Game On Sling bag is a good pickleball bag that is very economically priced and is the most affordable sling bag.


  • It has two zippered compartments.
  • It can hold two pickleball paddles and a few balls.
  • Small front pockets to hold miscellaneous items like cell phone, keys, or some snacks like chocolates or cookies. 
  • It is available in beautiful colors like blue, green, and pink.
  • There is an adjustable padded shoulder strap.
  • The bag also features a top loop to hang it conveniently.


  • It is a stylish and light sling bag.
  • It measures only 18” in height and 13” across
  • Most affordable of pickleball sling bags


  • It is a cross-body bag, not a single-shoulder bag
  • The zippers are not very durable
  • The size is small and can’t hold many items

Best Pickleball Backpack 2019

1. Fila Ultimate Sports Backpack

This is an ultimate pickleball backpack with several compartments to carry clothes, towels, a pair of shoes, pickleball paddles, balls, and other personal accessories.


  • There are several zippered compartments to hold individual items.
  • It can hold 2 paddles comfortably and you can even pack up to 4 if required.
  • There are 4 small fleece-lined compartments on the side, to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses.
  • There is an insulated pocket to keep your beverages cool.
  • A separate zippered compartment for shoes is provided.
  • It comes in several color-combinations like Red/White/Blue, Black/Grey.


  • The main compartment is spacious
  • Several zippered pockets
  • Insulated pocket on the side for beverages
  • Felt-lined accessory pockets
  • Double-sleeves pockets for paddles


  • Zippers are not very strong or durable

2. Onix Pickleball Backpack

This backpack bag has lots of compartments to carry a variety of things like pickleball paddles, balls, clothes, towels, water bottle, and a separate compartment for shoes.


  • Onix Pickleball Backpack can be kept standing upright.
  • Upright position makes it easy to pack and unpack pickleball equipment and accessories.
  • There are five zippered storage compartments to keep everything in proper easily accessible places.
  • There are breathable mesh panels on the front and back to keep everything fresh and avoid stale odors.
  • It can accommodate up to 4 pickleball paddles, 4 balls and lots more.


  • Large and roomy interiors accommodate lots of things


  • Side pockets are small
  • Plastic zippers are not very durable

3. Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

The backpack is just the right size – neither too big like tennis bags nor too small like pickleball sling bags. It features a padded back and straps for carrying comfort.


  • The exterior ball sleeve holds up to 4 pickleball.
  • Great convenient design and made with premium materials.
  • Paddle holder sleeve lets you pack up to 4 pickleball paddles and other accessories.
  • Padded back, and adjustable straps.
  • Insulated side pocket to keep beverages cool.
  • Several small convenient pockets to keep your phone, wallet, keys and other items.
  • A loop on the top to hang the bag.


  • Good convenient size to carry easily
  • Adequate compartments to carry pickleball playing equipment


  • The straps are not very durable
  • The side pockets are very small
  • No water bottle storage on the outside

4. Franklin Sports Deluxe Competition Pickleball Backpack Bag

The backpack bag has spacious interiors to accommodate pickleball paddles, pickle balls, and other items. There is a separate zippered compartment for clothing or towels.


  • A spacious bag that can pack multiple pickleball paddles, pickle balls, and other items.
  • External storage to hold a water bottle.
  • Shoulder straps are padded and ergonomically shaped for comfort
  • The small pockets are fleece-lined to keep your cell phones, keys, sunglasses or wallet.
  • A built-in fence hook is provided for hanging the bag.


  • Very comfortable to carry
  • Convenient pockets to keep small valuable items like phone, keys wallet, etc.


  • Plastic buckles on the strap are prone to breaking
  • Zippers are not very durable

Best Pickleball Duffel Bag

1. Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bag

This is a high-quality duffel bag with lots of room and pockets to keep all your pickleball gear and other accessories conveniently.


  • The bag is adequate in size and measures 18 inches long and 10 inches wide.
  • The side of the bag has 3 pockets – drawstring pocket for water bottles, mesh pocket for other small items, and a zippered pocket for items like phone, keys, etc.
  • There is a separate zippered compartment at the bottom to keep the shoes.
  • The carrying handles are fabric wrapped, and shoulder straps are padded for comfort while carrying.
  • The duffel bag can be used to carry up to 6 pickleball paddles comfortably.
  • The ball pocket can hold up to 6 balls.


  • Well designed, durable and extremely functional
  • Capable of taking in lots of stuff
  • Zippered outer pockets for safety and convenience
  • Separate compartment for shoes


  • Shoulder straps could have been made better padded

2. Game On Pickleball Duffel bag

This is quite a spacious and durable bag at a very affordable price.


  • The bag can easily hold 4 paddles and a dozen balls.
  • There is an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Outside slip pocket for a water bottle.
  • The bag is 18″ long, 10.5″ high and 9″ wide.
  • It comes in bright colors like Red, Lime Green, Orange, and Royal Blue.


  • Spacious and roomy duffle bag
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable
  • Small pockets on the outside


  • No compartment or pockets on the inside.
  • The straps are not padded
  • The outside pockets lack zippers

3. Pickleball Marketplace Improved "Medium" Contrast Duffel Bag

This is a convenient and easy-to-carry durable pickleball duffel bag. Here are the features.


  • The bag is 21” long, 12″ wide and has a thickness of 9.25″. The 2,331 cubic inches makes it bigger than other small duffel bags.
  • It can easily hold 4 pickleball paddles, 8 balls, dress, and other personal items.
  • It is made out of good quality polyester and comes in Black & Lime trim.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying ease.
  • There is a mesh end pocket for carrying water bottles.
  • Also provided is a handy front pocket.


  • One of the biggest and most spacious bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Good value for money


  • The buckles of the strap are not very durable
  • The zippers are not very strong

Pickleball Tote Bags

1. Maggi Mather Mini Pickleball Tote Bag

The Maggie Mather Mini T-Tote is a very light and easy to carry tote bag. It is a multi-use tote designed for sports, gym and many other uses. It is very popular among females due to its compactness and trendy looks.


  • Comes in several vibrant colors like Red, Orange, Navy, Pewter, Teal, etc.
  • The exterior of the bag is made of water repellent fabric.
  • It has three front pockets, two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the interior.
  • There is a pocket for keeping paddles.
  • The side pockets on the outside can be used to keep water bottles, pickle balls, and other items.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable.
  • It has a height and width of 13”, and 6” thickness.


  • Very handy and light bag
  • Stylish and colorful design
  • Looks like a multi-purpose bag rather than just a gym bag.
  • Easily accommodates 3 paddles and 3balls
  • Comparatively low priced and economical


  • Very small and some may find it inadequate for their requirements
  • Meant for occasional and casual players
  • Not a durable or heavy-duty option

Pickleball Covers and Cases

1. Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover


  • This cover will protect the face of your expensive paddles from dirt scratches, chipping or otherwise getting damaged.
  • The cover is made out of durable double neoprene material.
  • This cover fits all paddles up to 8.25” inches wide. The size of the cover is 10 x 12 inches.
  • The zipper goes around the cover so the paddle can be easily put on and taken out.
  • The cover is available in several colors like Blue, Black/Green, Blue, Gray, Lime and many more.

2. Franklin Pickleball-X Single Paddle Carry Bag

This paddle carry bag was the Official Bag of The US Open Pickleball Championship. It is made to hold a single paddle. The cover comes in several color-combinations like Black/Optic Yellow, Black/Optic Yellow, Gray/Gray, Gray/Pink.


  • Well-designed carry bag made with durable nylon material and has plenty of features.
  • The inside is thickly padded to offer better protection to the paddle.
  • It has a convenient built-in carry strap.
  • There is an easy to use fence-hook to hang the bag.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Pickleball Bag

Choosing the right bag is essential as it not only protects and organizes your playing gear but also helps maintain your motivation. With so many types of bags offered by different brands, it might be perplexing to choose the right bag for yourself. So what are the things that you should look for when you go for buying a pickleball bag? This depends on your requirements and preferences.

Here is a small list of things that you must consider before buying.

a. Size and space

The first thing that you should consider is the size of the bag. You need to decide what things you wish to carry besides your pickleball gear. Do you want to carry a set of dress, shoes, towels, etc.?  In that case you will need a bigger bag. In case you wish to just carry your paddles and balls, then a small sling bag or tote will do.

b. Type of Bag

Ascertain which kind of bag would be most suitable for you. Whether you should go in for a Duffel bag, Sling bag, Backpack or a Tote? Your requirements and preference will decide which type of bag would be most suitable for you. If you wish to carry only the playing gear then any bag will do. However, if you wish to carry other accessories like dress, towels, and shoes then you will need a backpack or a duffel bag.

c. Bag Material

It is important to choose a bag made of durable and weatherproof material like polyester or nylon. Clothe bag may not durable and gets dirty easily.

d. Handle and Carrying straps

Would you like to hold the bag by handles like a duffel bag and carry it? Or, you are more comfortable carr5ying the bag ob the shoulder or back? Look for the adjustable and padded shoulder straps.  These are comfortable and easier to carry anywhere you want to play.


Hope this small guide was helpful in making you understand the kinds of pickleball bags that are available in the market and how to choose one that suits you best.

You are urged to consider the recommended ones as it will help you get the best value for money and will be the perfect one for you. Hope this article provided you all the information that you may need to choose your perfect pickleball bag.


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