Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Review 2019

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Think about this. A game that is a combination of Tennis, Badminton and Ping Pong. Played across all ages and skill levels. Played both indoors or outdoors. With a paddle and a ball that has holes and on a badminton-sized court with a modified tennis net. Exciting? Well, here’s Pickleball for you. 

One of the top-selling Pickleball paddle brands in the world, Engage has come out with a paddle that has in its core Specialized Polypropylene. Needless to say, a long way from the paddles that were made of wood.

The Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle can truly be called the most technologically advanced paddle reaching new levels in design and development. Engage uses a high degree of innovation and a unique approach to creating the perfect paddle, producing paddles with the right balance of power, ball control, and overall feel.

And why would Engage do that? So that you can play Pickleball the best you can. Their vision to make the best paddles in the world and their mission to grow the sport is the motivation behind their efforts to produce equipment with exceptional quality.

Engage gives back to the community in more ways than one. 5% of their total revenue goes to their efforts of “growing the sport” by organizing tournaments, encouraging the sport in schools, and donating paddles where needed.

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Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Pros of the Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle

For all skill levels

This paddle can be used by all levels and age group of players. The choice of national champions, Brian Staub and Marcin Rozpedski, the Encore Pro can also be used by amateur players as well.


The ‘specialized skin’ that Engage uses on the surface of the Encore Pro maximizes the time the ball stays in contact with the paddle face. This is a concept that Encore came up with. Apart from this paddle technology of “touch and feel”, the rough skin increases the spin aspect of the shot.

Ideal Weight

This Pro version of the Engage Encore paddle has slightly more weight than the Encore version and also has increased control, a larger sweet spot, and a solid feel when it gets in contact with the ball. The Engage Encore Pro Paddle is ideal for daily use and because its comfortable to grip so it makes it easy to play for an unlimited amount of time without suffering from hand fatigue. The weight prevents sports-related injuries like Tennis elbow.


It is particularly good for people with smaller hands. A smaller grip may be more comfortable for a child as they won’t have to strain their hands by using extra muscles to grip a larger handle. As it has excellent balance it is very easy to maneuver for shots taken close to the net. The paddle face has enough “bite” to allow for a fair amount of spin on service or other shots.

Specifications :

The Encore Pro has a medium size grip (4 ¼ inches) and comes in four different colors one can choose from- black, red, purple and green.

It lands in the mid-weight category, with the weight of the paddle ranging from 7.8 to 8.3 oz. The size of the Encore Pro is 15 1/ inches long and 8 1/ inches wide.

It has a core that is made of Specialized Polypropylene and Polymer Honeycomb and the skin is a specialized variety of ‘Proprietary’ Fiberglass. The Encore Pro is USAPA listed and approved and it meets the stringent Community Noise requirements.


At Engage, customers are offered leading-edge Pickleball paddles backed by the best customer service available. All the paddles have a ‘No question asked’ 30-day money back guarantee where Engage will even pay for the return shipping charges.

However, the warranty policy requires registration of the paddle so as to be eligible for this policy.  Warranty is non-transferable and is valid to the original purchaser only.  If you are not the original purchaser, Engage still requests that the purchaser register the paddle and contact Engage.  They will see what they can do for you.

Engage also promises a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship for the life of the paddle. It goes without saying that normal wear and tear, abuse and negligence or any modifications made to the paddle after purchasing or the fading of graphics will not be covered by the warranty policy.

Cons of the Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle


This paddle can be a little heavy for some players so it is recommended that one takes this aspect into account when making a decision on purchasing the paddle. The extra weight of the Engage Encore Pro may be difficult to become accustomed to. Absolute beginners, who are experimenting with pickleball for the first time, may not need such a powerful, high-quality pickleball paddle.


These paddles are expensive. After all, owning a paddle that the world champions use comes at a price. Beginners might find the price of this paddle a little high for their budget.


It has a rather plain look and design that would not generate any excitement look wise. It has no interesting graphics on the paddle.


To summarize the review of the Encore Pro Pickleball paddle it can be safely said that it has the performance of a competitive paddle at a fraction of the price. Engage backs its paddles with an outstanding warranty policy, plus a 100% money back guarantee that will keep the buyer satisfied.

In terms of the features, it is a paddle that excels in spinning the ball, without neglecting the power, maneuverability, surface hit area, and overall quality. The Engage Encore Pro is a great choice for spin and the price is right. The only thing to consider is the weight, which at around 8 Oz it might be a little too heavy for some. Engage has designed this paddle for maximum surface roughness giving players exceptional control – perfect for those looking to put more rotation on the ball. Also check our Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle Review

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