Amarey Pickleball Paddle Review

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Once you start playing Pickleball you cannot help but get addicted to it. And to sustain in this game you need to be fit, have the right skill and deliver shots with precision. You also most importantly need a good paddle. Today thousands are playing this racket game everyday.

The good thing about this sport is that anyone and everyone can play it. Not only school kids and teenagers and working adults, but also retirees can play this sport and enjoy it too. Since the court for pickleball is smaller, one does not have to move about too much

For beginners the first important thing to do is, selecting the correct paddle. They can practice with this paddle and go for another one if uncomfortable or if it doesn’t suit their playing style. You will find a wide range of pickleball paddles.

And as a beginner, you will be a bit unsure as to which paddle to settle for.

The weight of a paddle will tell you if your paddle will give you more power or control over your shots. A perfect grip is also important or else the paddle could slip from your hand. For beginners, the Amarey Pickleball paddle is the best. It helps deliver excellent shots. This graphite paddle’s design is sleek and sharp and among the best in today’s market.

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Pros of the Amarey Pickleball Paddle

Skill Level :

This paddle is amongst the best and most preferred for beginners.  It is durable, lightweight, and has a good grip and delivers amazing shots. The paddle is good for making ground shots because of its edge guard. The edge guard protects the paddle from any damage while delivering ground shots. Beginners mostly give ground shots as they are inexperienced.

The wooden racket would weigh more than this graphite paddle. The face of the paddle is made from graphite while the inner core is of a honeycombed composite. Hence it is very easy to use. There is rubber wrap on the handle with perforations which allow even sweaty hands to have a good grip of the paddle. The paddle comes with a cover so you don’t have to worry about damaging it while traveling with it anywhere.

Weight and Durability:

The Amarey pickleball paddles are lightweight, durable and balanced. The weight is around 8 ounce. This helps provide balance to every shot and this makes it very easy to handle. The grip is firm and the paddle provides power and control for every shot. Also, the handle is nicely padded making it comfortable to hold. Overall, it is a great paddle when it comes to weight, balance, power, control, and comfort.


The Amarey pickleball paddle has an amazing handle and grip. The handle has a circumference of 4.25. This helps in delivering shots easily and with less effort. The grip has a sweat-absorbent perforated cushion to provide a better grip for a long time even to sweaty hands. Its body is wide measuring 15.5in in length and 8.3in in width. This all makes the Amarey Pickleball paddle have an amazing feel.


The face of the paddle is made from graphite and its core is made using honeycomb polymer specialized technology. Because of the materials used in making this paddle, its touch is excellent. It is a light yet durable pickleball paddle.

Resistant to dents:

Dinging or denting is not something that the player needs to worry about when playing with this paddle. The paddle has a strong build and an edge guard which provides sufficient protection from all of this. The edge is kept intact by the edge guard and is slim enough reducing miss-hits. This paddle’s strength and durability are enhanced by its corner-shield and neck guard that is interlocked.

Look :

It is indeed a very stylish and pretty looking paddle having cool graphics. It stands out because of the lovely splash of vibrant colors on it which the players love.  The paddle has a cover which makes it easy to travel anywhere.


The Amarey paddles give a lifetime warranty. This applies to all paddles used for playing pickleball. This is to make sure that customer satisfaction is 100%.

Cons of the Amarey Pickleball Paddle

Skill Level :

Since this paddle is best for beginners, many skilled players use it during their regular practice sessions.

Paddle Head

Most players find the head of the paddle small. Hence they are unable to get the sweet spot compared to other paddles.


There are some players who do not prefer the splash of vibrant colors on the paddle face. 


This paddle is made of graphite so will be more expensive compared to the others. But when you compare it with all the advantages that it comes with, it is totally worth the price.

Grip Size

Players having smaller hands will find it difficult holding a large grip paddle.


The Amarey Pickleball paddle can be safely categorized as amongst the best in the paddle market for beginners. If you have a good buying budget and are looking for many features in your paddle, then this paddle is a must try.

It delivers devastating and stunning shots. It’s sleek and sharp design beats many of the paddles that are considered to be one of the best in today’s market. Players who have fallen in love with Pickleball and play various tournaments should go in for this particular paddle.

The sweat-absorbent perforated cushioned grip handles help to play for a long time despite the sweating. The core of the paddle makes less noise compared to other paddles. It provides power, control, and pop.

Also, this paddle has been approved to be used while playing tournaments by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA).

Overall, players find their weight perfect to provide enough power to the ball. It is also light enough allowing to swing the arm without hurting the shoulder or the elbow. The players are able to have good control over the ball because the paddle is lightweight and has a non-slippery sturdy grip. It is fairly priced and is ideal for beginners and senior players. Also check our Onix Composite Z5 Pickleball Paddle Review.

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